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In Style Magazine - September 2000

Matthew Perry
Known for: Playing Friend's Chandler.

Look for: Chandler to marry Monica

Lonely hearts: "The Sandra Bullock character in While you were sleeping is the girl I've always liked. She was fun but lonely, maybe part of me wants to help a lonely person"

Fly girls: "These days I'm drawn to people who are happy and outgoing. A girl who's fun is more interesting that someone who is gorgeous. I like a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants girl; if you call and say there's a bingo game, she wants to join you. Bingo is sexy - since I'm the only guy under 70 playing I'm bound to look great!"

Baby, it's cold outside; "I grew up in Canada where everybody dressed in winter garb-it was the mystery of what was underneath that was sexy,"

Shore to score: "The sexiest date is dinner by the beach. It sounds geeky but there's something romantic about the way the moonlight hits the ocean. You can score with a girl even if she hates you, if you show her that."